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About Us

Accountants and CPA firms like yours from Australia, UK and the US prefers us, as we are one of the most trusted and experienced back office service providers for end to end bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, tax return preparation, payroll, VAT, admin with few others activities.

Our team is composed of Qualified Accountants (Chartered Accountant from India), Semi Qualified Accountants, Bachelors or Masters of Commerce with major in Accounting, Financial Analysts, MBA with finance, etc.

Our clients experiences a steep learning curve as we quickly adapt to get aligned with your mode of operation, working pattern to ensure the maximum benefits and quick turnaround time. This is possible because we have team members who are highly skilled and experienced.

We aspire to emphasise and give weightage on delivering quality services and prosper to provide superior support with timely and fitting services in an orderly manner which allows our clients to spend more time in client acquisition, manage existing clients, expand range of services, boosting the support after onboarding new clients and thus, establishing long-lasting relation.

Our experience taught us that, Accountants and CPA firms faces challenges with the entire employee cycle. Their major challenges are related to recruitment, training and retaining staff that are qualified, as managing the workload is also equally important to grow the business.

With us as your back end support team, you can overcome these constraints and master the very art to sustain, also see your costs going down considerably with significant benefits as our delivery center is based in India with 250 plus employees.

Our entire staff puts weightage on providing nothing but quality services by acting and working as your own in-house team.

Evidently, today’s world is full of innovation and the technology that can help resolve most of our concerns, which gives us a sense of working closely and together for mutual growth and benefits.

Clients Benefits
Below are listed a few
  • Cost reduction of 40% to 50%
  • Savings in the areas of recruitment, training and related admin expenses
  • Access to experienced and operational expertise from the day you hire us
  • Flexibility of scalability of operations on a short notice
  • Increased focus on core competencies
  • Technological competent
  • Qualitative and quantifiable deliverables
  • Increased productivity and quick turnaround time
  • Transparent reporting mechanism to track efficiency
No Infrastructure Cost No Worker’s Compensation No Health Benefits Cost No Overtime No Compliance No State or Federal Unemployment Cost No Chance of Employee Litigation
Staff Positions
For UK Based Accountants and Accounting Firms
  • Junior Bookkeeper
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Senior Accountant
  • Junior Payroll Associate
  • Senior Payroll Associate
  • Junior AP / AR Clerk
  • Senior AP / AR Clerk
  • Junior Admin Associate
  • Senior Admin Associate
For Australia Based Accountants and CPA Firms
  • Junior Bookkeeper
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Senior Accountant
  • Junior Payroll Associate
  • Senior Payroll Associate
  • Junior Tax Return Preparer
  • Senior Tax Return Preparer
  • Junior Audit Staff
  • Senior Audit Staff
  • Junior Admin Staff
  • Senior Admin Staff
We are familiar with several softwares but not limited to
Data Security
  • Biometric system - Only allows authorized employees to enter using their thumb impression
  • Restriction - Employees can access their system inside our delivery center only
  • Mobile phones prohibited inside the production floor
  • External drives - Disabled in all computers
  • No Printers - Paperless Environment
  • Rigorous recruitment methodology in place
  • Initial Screening before Interview to identify the suitable employee for the position in scope
  • First Written Test - Technical test of 24 questions or more if required
  • Second round of interview
  • Final round of interview
  • Shortlisted Profile - Third party background verification company
  • Signing of NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Cisco Firewall - Ensures that no external threat attacks our server or the network
  • 3 Internet lease lines - To ensure 100% uptime
  • Dual monitors - Increases efficiency and allows us to work in paperless environment
  • Zero security breach
We take numerous measures to make sure ZERO SECURITY BREACH and measures to monitor dissemination of data
We make sure our employees are LOGGED INTO SECURED SERVERS that don't allow for transfers of information to local computers or local printing on our operations floor
We work in PAPERLESS ENVIRONMENT. You can certainly be sure that your financial data isn't sitting on someone's dining room table tonight
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